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Posting Rules

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:15 am
by MrO
I'm moving the posting rules section into an announcement to remove some clutter.

The unofficial message board is here to allow its participants to post their opinions in a reasonable and constructive way. First and foremost, the main principle is, don't be a muppet and don't be a muppet to others.

Where you find another poster annoying but not crossing the line - you should use the Ignore option by adding them to your Foe list.

Where you find a topic / post to contravene the rules, don't assume the Mods have seen it. Use the Report button and the Mods will be notified to review it.


Postings that contain personal abuse directed at other users, text speak or opinions that could be construed as libel are not acceptable. Libellous postings will be deleted on complaint to the moderators.

Baiting, flaming, trolling and wishing death on people are not acceptable.

Please contain postings to one thread where they share the same general subject during matches.