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Topics concerning Premier League / BLM / Taking the knee

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 8:49 am
by MrO

This is a somewhat polarised subject. It’s not easily dealt with on social media.

There have been two threads on this in the past 6 weeks, one that was mostly ok other than descending into calling people snowflakes and one last night which quickly descended into abusive nonsense.

I’d rather not have this debate on this message board. There are a myriad of other places where you can have that conversation.

I’m not getting into free speech debates. This subject, to have a reasoned debate, in writing, requires time, thought and careful writing. Unless you want to spend the time keeping it at a pragmatic, researched and respectful level then it’s best not to bother.

This forum should be about free speech related to Woking FC and non league football. Free speech doesn’t incite racism, hatred or violence.